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Thursday, July 19th 2012

10:12 PM

Puberty preteen


Related article: Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 09:13:02 +0000 From: damian chandler Subject: cousin julia part 2Its been a month since Julia and I had our little fling at her mums wedding. While Julia's mum and her tasha preteen pics husband were on there month long honeymoon, Julia stayed at my mums place. It was hard for Julia and I to do what we really wanted to do. So decided to wait a while before our next move. young preteen unerage When ever my mum was out shopping or over at the neighbors for a reason or another. We would have passionate kisses and let each other feel and grope each others tits. I just loved the feel of her tits, they were well developed for her age. Her kissing was the thing I always looked forward to when ever we were alone. Her tongue did a great job and her lips were so luscious.Julia was going on school holidays next week and I thought it might be a good idea for her to do work at the law firm I work for. She could be my intern for 2 weeks and show her the ropes of working in a law firm. I asked Julia and she liked the idea of working for me. I knew it would be a great opportunity to spend more time with this girl I love so much. Of course we needed to discreet about our little affair. I do not want be there when people catch us in the act and find out we are related and the people in my office will freak out. So I thought maybe Julia and I should go on a shopping spree tomorrow to find her the right clothes for working at the firm.I preteen 13 pic picked Julia up from mums place in my new bmw convertible. I asked mum if she could stay at my flat over the weekend so mum could have a break from baby sitting Julia and mum was glad for me to look after her for a couple of days. I picked Julia up at 9 am harp and Julia was waiting outside mums place with a night bag and with a big smile on her face. I drove away from mum's place and by the time we where out of the site of mum, I gave Julia a passionate kiss and she returned the favor."so Julia are you looking forward to our weekend together, because I have been itching to lick that pussy of yours" Cassandra said"I am so looking forward to this weekend together. I have missed you so much and it has been hard for us to keep our affair a secret" Julia saidWe drove into the shopping complex and struggled to find a parking space. We eventually found a spot. We walk into the shopping centre and find the perfect shop to buy skirts. I got 6 pink and 6 white pencil skirts that where perfectly tight around her ass, I resisted the temptation of touching and groping her ass. Than we went to a lingerie store and bought some teddy's and some thongs, they were all white to go with her out fits. After lunch we went back to preteen 13 pic my flat for the rest of the weekend. I have been looking forward to spending a lot of time with Julia, not because we are secret lovers, more because she is a lovely person. I asked her if she wanted to show off her new clothes and the lingerie I bought for her and she said she wanted show them all off to me.First she showed off the pink pencil skirt and a pink jacket I lent to her. She really looked like a business woman ready to start work. I must admit she looked great, I wanted to rip off those clothes and lick her pussy right here and now. Than she went and tried the teddies with straps so she could hook them up to her stockings. She walked out and god did she look sensational. She walked out in high heels and everything looked perfect in every way. Julia did a spin and twirl and it was lovely the look of the thong she was wearing. The teddy was tight around her bust line and it looked so hot. Her tits stuck and preteens sex pics looked huge in the teddy. I grabbed her and sat her on my knee and cuddled her against me and started kissing her neck and back."You look beautiful. Do you want to lick my pussy now or do you want to have some dinner before sex" Cassandra said"Thank you Cassandra for buying all this great stuff for me today. I would love to lick you pussy right now but I am hungry" Julia said"that's ok sweaty, we can have take away tonight because I don't really want to cook and for desert I will lick that juicy pussy of yours" Cassandra said"mmm great. Chinese would be good for dinner tonight and I will be looking forward to desert than. I will change into my pj's" Julia said"I will ring the Chinese place than. I am looking forward to preteen boy jerk seeing those pj's of yours" Cassandra saidI ordered the Chinese and the person on the other end said it will be ready in 10 minutes. So I preteen cute cute went and picked it up. When I arrived home I found Julia on the couch in her tinker bell pajamas. They looked so cute I wish I had a pair. But I normally sleep in a camy and a thong. To make her even more cuter than she was, Julia decided to put her hair in pig tails and god did she look cute and sexy. Dinner was great, I haven't had Chinese in a long preteen pubic portfolio time and I had forgotten how good it was. Julia was enjoying her food as well. While I was eating my food I felt Julia rubbing her foot up and down my leg. I was just smiling at her while she was doing that. We finished up and I put the plates in the sink, than I felt Julia's hands rubbing my tits and she started to kiss my neck and she said " I would love that special desert of yours now". I just knew it would be a great night when she said that. So we headed to my bedroom.We entered my bedroom. As soon as we where in I start to undress Julia, once I had unbuttoned preteen 13 pic her top it revealed that she was wearing no bra. God did her tits look huge , I just couldn't resist the temptation like last time, I touch and groped her luscious tits. Julia was loving and when I started sucking on a nipple she started moaning louder and louder. Than I pulled down her pajama pasnts and it revealed she was wearing the thong I gave to her the first time we had sex. I looked up at her and smiled. I pulled down the thong I gave her and it revealed she hasn't shaved her pussy since we had sex. Than Julia started to undress me. First preteen fingering she removed my black tank top, but I was wearing a bra, it was a whit lace bra. Than she unzipped my white pencil skirt and pulled it down I was wearing a white thong underneath. Than Julia unclipped my bra letting my huge tits flop out. Julia decided to suck on a nipple and it was sensational. I wanted pull my thong down but Julia stopped me. Than she pulled it down, I had shaved my pussy more than once since the last time. Julia touched and rubbed it. I loved her touch. Than we moved over to the bed and Julia lay back on the bed.I got between Julia's and spread them wide open. I moved my head between her legs ready to lick her juicy pussy. I started licking Julia's pussy slowly just to get into rhythm. Her pussy tasted better than last time and maybe its because its hairier than last time. I started to lick faster now. Julia was moaning ad squirming around now, she was really loving this more than last time. I inserted a couple of fingers and I found her clit in he process. Her climax was coming soon and I knew it. I started suck harder on her clit and my finger fucking pace increased. Julia moaned louder and louder. Her climax was finally reach and her cum flowed like a river. Her juices tasted better orgasm in preteens than last time. I gave Julia a passionate kiss so she could taste her own juices and she worked her tongue wonderfully around my lips. I moved into the spot where Julia fairy preteen pics was lying and Julia moved to between my legs. Julia spread my legs wide open and started licking. Julia had gotten better in the last month even though I don't think she has licked a pussy since the last time we did it. I just forgot about it and Julia was doing a great job. Her licking pace increased and it was more than I could take to be honest. I moaned louder and louder with every lick and o make things a whole lot better she inserted a couple of fingers to help my climax arrive sooner than later. Julia found my clit and started sucking on it and my climax was coming fast.. my climax was finally reached and like Julia my cum flowed like a river. Julia gave me a passionate kiss like I did for her, I could taste my own juices on her lips and the taste was wonderful.Julia and I where both exhausted and we preteen cute cute fell asleep holding each other like lovers normally do. I spent most of the night just watching Julia sleeping. Julia looked so peaceful while she was sleeping and I love watching her sleep. I preteens with webcams could do it all the time. I got a few hours sleep and by the time I normally wake up. Julia was still sleeping. She finally woke up about 10 minutes after I woke up."Morning beautiful. Did you have a great night sleep" Cassandra preteen 13 pic said"Morning Cassandra. I slept like a baby and thank you so much for last night" Julia said"That's hxxp preteen great to hear sweaty. I am glad you had a great time I know I did" Julia said"Do you think this relationship 3d preteens thumbs will last this stage of love and sex and do you think we will be judged, if we tell everyone and shocking preteen sex do you think we should" Julia said"I hope it dose last past this stage. People will judge us and that's why we need to keep it a secret" Cassandra said"Great I want to keep it a secret as well and I don't want to be judged for the rest fo my life" Julia said"Have you been practicing licking pussy since the last time we had sex" Cassandra said"Yes I have. Um I have been having sex with your mum and she knows about us I am sorry" Julia said"Mums a great pussy licker isn't she. Don't worry I am ok with you and mum doing that" Cassandra saidOnce I said those words Julia hugged me and gave me a passionate kiss. We spent the rest of the day just talking about things and we really had a fun weekend.
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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

12:00 AM

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